Attawapiskat Airport Entrance.
Vezina Secondary School
Kattawapiskak Elementary School

Welcome All

We are proud to have you come visit our recently updated website. Peruse through the website, this is the Main Title page, the current Board Members are included in the About Us Section plus other information. Two pages were included for the highschool - Vezina Secondary School and the elementary school - Kattawapiskak Elementary School. Also check out our Cree Section of the webpage under Gallery, for those who wants to read some cree or anyone interested in coming to Attawapiskat; it includes inanimate objects and one cree book, there are plans to add more Cree content. The IT Staff will be working with the Staff to keep this page updated.

Website Notes: Last updated April 28, 2015.

Newest updates done, links added to Pages -->Other --> Wawaytay News, Timmins Press and Wawaytay Live Radio. Outlook name was changed to Staff Login for all staff to use in their positions of either school.

The About Us Section has been updated with added information on Attawapiskat History and Google Maps of Attawapiskat.

Post Secondary Program section from the older site was moved over to here, its under Pages-> Other...

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