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Important Dates In The History Of Attawapiskat

1850's    Missionaries from the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (O.M.L) travel to the area around Attawapiskat and are impressed by congregations of 200 - 300 people at their services.

1893    The first permanent church (a chapel) is erected by Missionaries from the Oblates of Mary Immaculate on the shore of the Attawapiskat   River. This building still stands today, and is located near the present Ontario hydro Power Station in Attawapiskat.

1901    The Hudson Bay Company erects its first Outpost Store in Attawapiskat.

1912    The Oblate Mission in Attawapiskat begins to cultivate a large garden.

    The Oblate mission in Attawapiskat opens a sawmill, which remained in operation until approximately 1960.

1929    Residents of Attawipiskat are detached from the Fort Albany Indian Band to which they have previously belonged and aggregated in a Band of their own. They thus become part of Treaty Number Nine.

1930    The Attawapiskat Indian Band numbers 584 people. 705 495 6748

1931    the first plane flies around Hudson Bay.

1934 - 36   Major hunger in the area around Attawapiskat. Indian Affairs assists during this plight by providing lard and flour

1935   Missionaries from the Oblates of Mary immaculate construct a new roman Catholic Church in Attawapiskat

1938   Father Arthur Bilodeau, O.M.I., succeeds in constructing the first school in Attawapiskat.

1942   Oblate Missionaries complete the construction of a barn in Attawapiskat.

1942   A major measles epidemic in Attawapiskat kills at least 52 people.

28 March 1949   The first snowmobile to arrive in Attawapiskat is a large vehicle belonging to the game warden.

1950    A major Spring Flood brings five feet of water and devastation to Attawapiskat.

21 June 1950    The first movie is shown in Attawapiskat. At that time, movies were projected on the north side of the Roman Catholic Church and people sat on the lawn to watch.

1951    Oblate Missionaries erect the first hospital in Attawapiskat (St. Mary's Hospital)

9 August 1953    eighteen people (7 Cree and 11 non-Natives) voted for the first time in Attawapiskat. At that time, voting took place in the church. More recently, voting has taken place at the Hudson Bay Store.

1 September 1953   15 students are enrolled in the Attawapiskat School.

26 October 1953   The first helicopter arrives in Attawapiskat.

Summer 1955   Attawapiskat has a population of 400 people.

July 1956   Construction of the first streets in Attawapiskat ($1800) for this project was provided by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Indian Affairs.

1957 - 1958   Austin Airways begin regular, weekly air service to Attawapiskat and other James Bay Communities. This service is then expanded to two, and then three times a week. Previously, all James Bay villages had been allotted four or five plane trips a year for mail (supplies were brought during the summer by barge)

13 March 1963    the first radiotelephone is installed in Attawapiskat. (Northern Communications)

1970 - 1972    St Mary's hospital is transferred from the Oblates of St Mary Immaculate to the Government of Ontario, and is renamed James Bay General Hospital.

1974   The Ontario Ministry of Transportation constructs an airstrip in Attawapiskat. Daily air service then becomes a reality.

1976   Installation of the present Ontario Hydro generator and auxiliary equipment is completed in Attawapiskat.

October 1976   John R Nakogee School opens its doors. The presence of this new school tends to accelerate the settlement of Cree families in the village on a year round basis.

September 1977    The Hudson Bay Company store in Attawapiskat is enlarged and modernized.

19 July 1979   Television arrives in Attawapiskat.

19 January 1979   The first direct dial telephones are installed in Attawapiskat.

October 1991   Official opening of the Vezina Secondary School.

November 1991   Opening of the new terminal building at the Attawapiskat Airport.

1992   Peacekeeping program begins

1993   Construction of the new High School
 The TV cable system is implemented in Attawapiskat